PoleLock is an Australian designed and manufactured pole-mounted solar panel framing system, part of the SunLock family of solar framing products. Different frames are available for two small 80-85 W panels, or for one, two, three or four larger (e.g. 250 W) panels.

PoleLock is backed by a 10 year warranty and is compliant with the Australian/New Zealand standard on wind actions AS/NZS1170.2. It is supplied pre-approved for wind regions A & B, making it suitable for installation across the majority of Australia.

PoleLock two panel frame


Several installation manuals are available. Version 1 of the manual describes how to install the smaller SLP202 frame for two 80-85 W panels. Version 3 of the manual is for the newer SLP01, SLP02, SLP03 and SLP04 frames. Version 4 of the manual is the latest version using SunLock channel instead of SunLock rail, where more panels can be added simply by building a longer rail.

Please download the PoleLock installation manuals from the sidebar on the right.